Fun Bike Berlin

The Fun Bike or conference bike is a multi-person bicycle with three or four wheels and 7 seats, with one seat reserved for the driver/guide.

The Fun Bike is ideal for groups on guided tours since each passenger is seated directly next to or in front of the guide and can thus hear his or her presentation well and readily ask questions at any time.

Exploring Berlin by Fun Bike is a special experience for families and groups and offers riders of all ages lots of fun in a very communicative manner.

We are a local enterprise with more then 15 years of experience working with tourists and business customers who come to Berlin from all over the world.

Our goal is to give our customers a fun, pleasurable experience while sharing well-founded knowledge about our city and some of our personal stories to make the exciting ups and downs of Berlin’s history something that can literally be experienced during our tours.

If you wish, we can also offer purepleasure tours “ without long descriptions of the sights and instead accompanied with music and drinks.

Our tours are available on our fun bikes (max. 6 passengers each), with our comfortable rickshaws (max. 2 passengers each), or as normal two-wheeler bike tours (min. 12 participants).

Enjoy discovering Berlin in a very special and unforgettable way with our Funbikes/ConferenceBikes/Teambikes/Multi-Person-Bikes!

Funbike News

Winter-Special 2018/2019: 10% Discount on all our Funbike Tours

In the Winter Season 2018/2019 from the first of December 2018 until the 15th of March 2019 we are offering 10% discount on all our Funbike tours .

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